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Training horses to display their elegance, is a passion “mirrorsfortraining.co.uk” understand, using strategically placed mirrors in your arena, help you monitor your horses important movements. Installing Mirrors to your Arena offer the rider a clear indication of how well they are riding. Attention to detail is key and quality of movements matter, monitoring these all important movements in mirrors gives a true indication of you and your horses hard work! Not only do they look very professional, they can help you get better results and Improve your accuracy.

When trained well dressage horses can smoothly respond to a skilled riders minimum commands and perform the requested movements while remaining relaxed and appearing effortless.

  Ideal for the competitor as you get to see what the judge sees.
  Enables you to see your correct positioning in the saddle
  Boost your confidence in the Arena
  A true indication of your hard work.

A rider needs to check his position and the position of his horse constantly. He can't rely on the instructor being there. Mirrors make a rider more independent and able to work on his own. He can look in the mirror, match what he sees in the mirror to what he feels on the horse, and learn from that, to either adjust what he's doing or assure himself that he's doing something correctly.

Advantages For The Rider:

To make sure the rider is sitting correctly in the saddle
  To check the aids given are correct
  To make sure the horse works into a correct outline
  To check if movements are ridden correctly
  To check if the horse is straight when riding different movements
  To check the accuracy of lateral work
  To check if the horse is working properly though its back
  To check if the hind legs are properly engaged
  To check if the rein contact is even.

A Guide To Using Mirrors In Equestrian Training...      


“ Our new arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training have added another dimension to our training. They give me an immediate view of both mine and the horse’s posture, which allows me to work on specific areas, making sure all our training time is used as effectively as it can be. ”

Ellen Whitaker
International Show Jumper

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